Hempstead Infants After School Club

We’re thrilled to be at Hempstead Infants after school in Term 5 & 6 delivering our fun-filled, fitness-fuelled Archery after school programme for 8 weeks.




For all our Archery Aimees and Archies out there, grab your quill and join us! Get to know your fishtailing from your Flu-flus, improve your hand to eye coordination, increase your aerobic endurance, train your focus as well as - and this for the bullseye - having enormous amounts of fun!


Wednesday 27th April - Wednesday 06th July

For Years 1-2

Clubs run from 3.00-4.00


Spaces are limited and are offered on a first come first served basis

For information on our cancellation policy please visit our Procedures & Policies page


If you’d like to learn more about what we do in schools, in the holidays or meet us, then please head to our for Teachers page, for Parents page or the Team page respectively.

Hempstead Infants After School Club